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Dear Patron of Glorious Christmas Nights,

In the spirit of the local car commercial, “Don’t tell me what you can’t do. Tell me what you can do!” Glorious Christmas Nights is moving outside with a 30-minute, walk-through live nativity. We will call it Glorious Bethlehem Nights! December 9-13.

This fully orchestrated, live musical will tell the story of the birth of Jesus as you venture through the little town of Bethlehem (artistic license applied:). At, you will be able to reserve a place in one of our 17 30-minute performances. Each performance will have a 300-person capacity to provide plenty of space for social distancing. All performers will have masks as part of their costume. (live animals excluded:) You will be encouraged to wear a mask as well.

No physical ticket will be required, but your online reservation will be necessary for entrance. We will record your reservation and check you in through multiple entrances, kind of like you are coming to Bethlehem for the census and to be taxed. Don’t worry; you won’t be taxed! Your entry will be complimentary.

Since you are special part of the GCN Patron family, I will be honest that we could use your financial help in pulling this off. Any sponsorship you could provide when you are making your online reservation will be greatly appreciated but not required. For those of you able to contribute, we have estimated that if all reservations are filled, $10 per person would cover our expenses.

You have been so supportive of our ministry for many years, and we don’t want to stop performing with our cast and crew this year, so we are going to do what we can do: Glorious Bethlehem Nights! You will receive updates and additional information at


Bob Laughlin, Pastor of Performing Arts, WEAG