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Glorious Christmas Nights 2020 will take place outdoors in the expansive field adjoining the North parking lot at WEAG – West End Assembly of God church. The outdoor setting will allow for greater social distancing by performers, volunteers, and guests than the constrained indoors environment that GCN is typically presented in. Being outdoors also eliminates many common touchpoints like doors and seats.


  • all volunteers will wear facial coverings;
  • all performers will wear facial coverings except when a mask will impede their ability to perform, such as playing an instrument;
  • all guests 10 years of age and older will be asked to wear a mask and to only attend if they have not had any symptoms nor close exposure to persons known to have Coronavirus within 14 days prior to their ticket time and feel healthy at the time of their arrival;
  • all interactions between guests and performers/volunteers will be touchless;
  • tickets will not be available on-site, but must be reserved online in advance;
  • no goods will be available for purchase on-site, but guests may bring their own beverages to enjoy during the walk-through experience, though we kindly request that food not be brought in to minimize clean-up for our volunteers and to reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus;
  • donation drop-off locations for coats, food, blankets, etc will be clearly marked and will be handled by designated volunteers with personal protection equipment that will not touch anything else nor other people during their volunteer shift; and,
  • hand sanitizer dispensers will be available at the entrance and exit of the walk-thru experience.